Should you add social media icons to your website’s header?

@esconsultingcaShould you add social media icon’s to your website’s header? ❌ Service/Appointment-Based Business ❌ E-Commerce ✅ Public Figure ✅ Strictly Store Front ✅ Restaurants (If your website does not have online shopping) Watch the video to find out why!♬ original sound – esconsulting

The short answer to this question is no, but it depends on what your goals are as a brand and what services you’re attempting to provide.

For many, your website is your brand’s digital hub where you are trying to drive all of your traffic to in order to convert visitors into customers. You need to make the most of a potential customer’s limited attention toward your brand, so giving them a reason to leave your hub could be a huge mistake. But this isn’t always the case.

Let’s say you’re a business that relies on a lot of visual content in order to pique people’s interest, such as an arcade. You also want people to be paying attention to your frequently changing promotions or you simply want them to be seeing people having fun at your establishment. These are all reasons why you might want to be driving traffic to your social media through icons in your header.

However, let’s say you’re a dentist that relies on your website visitors to book appointments digitally in order to drive business. Your social media page should not be treated as a hub, as the chance of converting a visitor into a customer/patient is more difficult. They need to be trafficked somewhere else in order for them to make an appointment. It’s in this case that you should not include social media icons in your website’s header. Instead, put a “book your appointment” button in the header so it’s one of the first things a visitor will see and continue to see as they explore your website. Save the icons for your website’s footer so visitors can still follow you if they feel so inclined.

While something as small as the placement of social media icons might seem insignificant, it’s important to consider the perspective of a visitor for every decision you make when developing your website. Making the most of a potential customer’s time when they’re considering your brand will always increase the chances that they stick around.

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