About Us

We help clients connect to those that matter most by integrating public relations, marketing, social media, design and measurement to deliver communications programs that truly drive organizational performance.

Our vision is a world where more knowledge allows audiences to make better choices. That’s why, every day, we work to bring our clients’ unique insights to light by creating and amplifying what we call ‘middleweight content’. Situated between the flyweight buzz of social media content and the overwhelming heavyweight intensity of white papers and advertising, middleweight content connects directly with consumers. It gives audiences the knowledge they crave and delivers it when—and where—they want it. Whether editorial or multimedia, middleweight content is the new currency of digital marketing—a powerful tool to help every company meet its communications objectives.

Who we are

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Rapid. Growth.

The communications world changes fast. We give our clients excellence in our strategies, tactics and execution – nothing less. Our team is never satisfied with where we are today. We share knowledge internally, and send staff to conferences to improve skills, abilities, and confidence – all to help our clients.

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