Social Media Marketing

Social Media Consulting

Go viral, spread the word, and reach more customers.


Social Media Content

Consistent posting, utilizing videos, images, and text posts to increase retention. Strategically post content to increase engagement rates. ESC will make your target audience aware of your events & promotions.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Create, publish, manage and analyze campaigns across social media platforms. Our Windsor social media consultants will monitor social media content and ad campaigns to further analyze what is working and what isn’t. ESC enhances the mediums that are yielding the greatest results based on data and a lot of testing.


Social Media Management Service

Engage with customers’ comments, messages, and feedback in a responsive manner. Customers want to feel part of the brand. Our social media experts will engage with customers and followers to provide an exceptional experience.


Platform SEO

Social Media platforms have their own search engines and therefore each profile will require optimization to maximize reachability.

Our measure of success goes beyond accumulating likes and followers.

At ESC we help our clients craft and control their story and brand in a way that also resonates with their audience and drives business.

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Instagram Stories | ESC

Developing Customer Loyalty

Social Media Marketing Windsor


Target your exact target audience and get your message out there to the people that matter the most.


Utilize monitoring software to analyze how a brand, product or company-related topic is being perceived.


Let our team of social media experts attract new customers as we engage, advertise, and build brand awareness.

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